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        About Us

Travel Agent Training is an educational program for professionals in tourism, designed in digital booklets wish are easy to read and to distribute. This program uses cutting-edge technology supported on the internet. It consists on a safe executable file which can be downloaded from the web: www.travelagentraining.com , it can be seen on-line or from any PC, laptop or mobile devices, or can be also running and installed from a CD.

The current programs are: Amigo de Costa Rica, Amigo de Panama and Amigo del Mundo Maya, the three have the government support, through the offices of tourism of each country. That is how this important alliance between the official authorities of tourism and DESTINOS magazine started, to develop this visionary and innovative initiative.

The program continues growing. Already we are developing other training programs such as: Amigo de Guanacaste and Amigo de El Salvador, Amigo de Guatemala, AVIANCA Training, among others.

Background of the program:
The project started in 2008 with the launch of the first training program AMIGO DE COSTA RICA; it started with the publication and distribution of six booklets, based on the touristic regions of Costa Rica, the last one about sustainable tourism. Then a second phase of the capacitation started with other six booklets about the niche markets of Costa Rica.

Market niches:
- Ecotourism and Sustainability
- Honeymoon and Family
- Sports and Adventure
- Rural and Cultural Tourism
- Beach and Boutique Hotels
- Business, Congresses, Incentives and Medical Tourism

Now the program is in his third phase with four booklets about the most important touristic regions in the country.


  • To reach multiple wholesale operators around the world and their promoter and sellers agents to do the training.
  • To show the countries and its main attraction throughout the training program.
  • To give the necessary tools to the professionals in tourism about the best way to sell the country to the tourists.

Facilitate the access to the information of different regions, products and countries to the professional in tourism and at the same time, specialized them throughout the digital training to communicate this knowledge to the distributors and the international retailers, to make more easy and reliable the information given to the final consumer; the tourist and his travel plan.

capacitacion travel agent training turismo

It is a digital program. The professional in tourism can get it through the Web page www.travelagentraining.com; and download on a PC, do it online or running it through an executable CD.

  1. After the registration, the professional will be able to download the brochures of his interest.
  2.  At the end of each brochure, there is a questionnaire about the text read.
  3. After answering correctly the first questionnaire, with an 80 % of right answers, they will receive the BASIC certificate.
  4. After finishing the second questionnaire, they will receive the INTERMEDIATE certificate.
  5. After completing the third one, they will receive the ADVANCED certificate.
  6. The SPECIALIZED certificate will be delivered at the end of the fourth booklet.


  • Low cost
  • Easy to access
  • International impact
  • Updated and specialized Information about different destinations.
  •  Secure executable, possibility to download it in seconds.
  •  It can be seen ON-LINE
  • It is possible to run it directly from a CD.
  • It allows the access to Web pages and e-mail addresses.
  • Search by digital index per pages.
  • The information is in two languages: Spanish and English.
  • Contain information about the main tourist attractions, activities, hotels and facilities for the traveler.
  • Allow the printing of documents.
  • Sheets with effect in 3D.
  • Promotional videos into the digital booklets.
  • Send of information to other contacts.
  • It is a sustainable program reducing the use of paper and disposable materials.

Aim Public:

  • Wholesale operators
  • Retails
  • Travel agents
  • Receptive operators
  • Carriers. (Air, land and sea)
  • Journalists and editors from media.
  • Corporate and Executive market.

Promotion and dissemination:
· Web sites
· Printed material (Brochures, flyers, CD's)
· DESTINOS Magazine of international distribution.
· Social networks campaigns and mass e-mails (up to 63 000 e-mails)
· Presentation in national and international fairs and conferences in Central, South, North America and Europe.
· Partnerships with tourism organizations from different countries.
· Tour Groups
· Educational seminars
· Workshops.
· FamTrip
· Press trips
· Collaboration with embassies

The main purpose of TRAVEL AGENT TRAINING is the strategic positioning of the Latin American countries as a touristic destination, working in collaboration whit the authorities of tourism, to bring great benefits to the national economies, as well as all the involved parties within this industry, from the biggest hotel chains, to the smaller hotel, tour operators, transport, among others they will see a rise on the demand of the destination by international tourists.





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