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“Amigo de Nicaragua” is a training program for
International Profesional in Tourisms

The specialization of Profesional in Tourisms on Nicaragüa as a product is the number one priority of “Amigo de Nicaragüa”.  Digital training with current information about Nicaragua facilitates the access to the Profesional in Tourism through advanced internet, using cutting edge technology.

This new model of training contains booklets in digital version, that work as guide and orientation for the Profesional in Tourism when offering travel plans to Nicaragüa.

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Amigo de Nicaragua
Nicaragua: Culture, History and Cities
Amigo de Nicaragua Booklet 1
Sports and Adventure
Amigo de Nicaragua Booklet 2
Sun and Beach
Amigo de Nicaragua Booklet 3
Colonial and Volcanoes Route and Ecology
Amigo de Nicaragua Booklet 4
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