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        Digital booklets

The digital booklets have multiple options like:

  • Updated and specialized information about the different destinations.
  • Executable, safe, possible to download in seconds.
  • Download from the Internet.
  • Can be reviewed ON-LINE, in case of not wanting to run it.
  • It is possible to execute directly from a CD or an FTP address.
  • Allows access to Web pages and e-mail addresses.
  • Digital search index through pages.
  • Information in two languages: Spanish and English.
  • This information will be about the main tourist attractions, activities, hotels and facilities to the traveler.
  • Printing of documents from the booklets.
  • Page turn with 3D effect.
  • Promotional videos inside the digital booklets.
  • Sending information to other contacts.

  How to install the booklets?

Note: Internet connection is required for its execution.
Steps for the installation of the digital booklets:
  • Choose the country or tourist product on which you are interested in being trained.
  • Select then the digital booklet and theme on which you will like to begin the training.
  • An executable will show, which will guide the user to a correct installation.
  • In a few minutes, the booklet will be installed automatically on your desktop.
  • The icon will be identified with a small image.
  • At the end of each booklet, a questionnaire will show and must be answered by the Profesional in Tourism.

The Profesional in Tourisms that carry out the process of the four digital booklets, as a minimum, they will have the opportunity to receive a familiarization travel as an incentive, with the local expenses paid in the country of destination.  On his visit, it will be given the final certificate as SPECIALIZED AGENT*.

To know more details of the fam trip visit:
in the same web site.

*Restrictions may apply.

    Download, answer and become to
Amigo de Nicaragua
Nicaragua: Culture, History and Cities
Amigo de Nicaragua Booklet 1
Sports and Adventure
Amigo de Nicaragua Booklet 2
Sun and Beach
Amigo de Nicaragua Booklet 3
Colonial and Volcanoes Route and Ecology
Amigo de Nicaragua Booklet 4
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